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  We wish to thank our founding sponsors


we  WELCOME our NEW proud Sponsor...


SHIP 5,000 Pizzas to Afghanistan

SERVE 50,000 Slices

FEED 10,000 Deployed Soldiers

FEED VA Hospitals and Veterans Across America

This Veterans  Day we’re serving a slice of home, at home to our returning troops.

As of 2014, there are over 21 million Veterans in the United States, 3.5 million of them have a service connected disability. Across the country there are 152 Medical Centers and over 1400 facilities dedicated to Veterans Affairs.

It is our goal to bring comfort to ailing and wounded Veterans by hosting pizza parties at VA Facilities all over the country. They served us… Now it’s time we serve them.

It is only through the philanthropic support of our partners Rich’s Products and the generous contributions of individuals and corporations that we are able to achieve our operation goals.

We would like to thank supporters of this huge endeavor to feed all of our troops in the Middle East, (mainly Afghanistan) and our Veteran warriors at V.A. hospitals around the Nation.


  On the Fourth of July, Operation Freedom 2015 provides comfort to our troops by serving a slice of home to deployed U.S. military service members in Afghanistan and other conflict regions in the Middle East.

Most of the troops we serve are stationed at Forward Operating Bases in active war zones, and have been only eating packaged MRE’s (Meals Ready-to-Eat) for several months at time.

It is our continued mission to provide deployed soldiers with a slice of America’s favorite food on the day that we celebrate the freedom they’re fighting for.

Serving a slice of home to our US service men and women abroad and serving a slice of home at home to our returning troops.

Pizzas4Patriots is the Guinness World Record holder

for the largest pizza delivery & party in the World.

We would like to thank everyone who supports these missions; sending a slice of home to our United States service men and women, those in the F.O.B.s and around the World including V.A. hospitals.

We kindly ask you to continue by joining our next mission this Fourth of July...

We still need your support to accomplish this.

Please look for information on our upcoming Operation Pizza Bowl

and Our American Flag Challenge where you can raise a flag for our troops

Pizzas 4 Patriots Go the Distance for Super Bowl Sunday Delivery to U.S. Troops Abroad



To become counted for your flag raising and added to our official Guinness World Record attempt ledger, please email: Pizzas4Patriots@gmail.com

Click the link for complete details.

 '#American Flag Challenge'


We would like to thank supporters of this huge endeavor to feed all of our troops in the Middle East, (mainly Afghanistan) and our Veteran warriors at V.A. hospitals around the Nation.



thank you DVIDS

Operation Pizza Bowl 2014 - Official Poster



This 4th of July, 2013, marks our 13th shipment of pizza to our US Service Men and Women serving around the world, mainly in the Middle East.  Totaling over 125,000 pizzas, equaling over 1 million slices of home to our troops.  With your help, Pizzas4patriots received the Guinness Book World Record for the World's Biggest Pizza Party, totaling 30,000 pizzas.

Please Donate and help us continue our efforts

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Operation Eagle Is Home


Pizzas4Patriots is honored to be supported by our Pizza & Coalition Partners
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In June 2008, while eating pizza at our dinner table, my fifteen year old son asked me, (a 26 year Regular and Reserve Air Force Veteran) if it would be possible to 'send some pizzas’ to our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Our initial goal was to raise enough funds to ship about 300 pizzas.  We contacted General David Petraeus and asked his permission to send pizzas for  4 July 2008. He answered our email within 12 hours welcoming the “Pizza Party.”  After contacting many shipping companies,   Express offered to ship the pizzas at no cost.  Within two weeks we raised enough funds to ship over 2,000 pizzas.  We have been at it ever since...shipping over 50,000 pizzas to date, enabling us to feed over 200,000 soldiers, which is about 400,000 slices of pizza. Your donations make this possible.  Thank you for your continued support.

This is what it's all about...

We Thank the Men and Women who serve Us, and for allowing us to serve Them .
Also we Thank Everyone who helps make this possible. 
We could not do this without Your Support

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      **SgtPizza** Likes This...a lot!    

General David Petraeus on what July 4th, Independence Day, the birth of the United States means to our great nation.

4 Stars  4 Stars

Contact us at: SgtEvans@Pizzas4Patriots.com

We are continuing to grow with every project.  Since July 2008 we have shipped over 50,000 pizzas to our troops serving around the world mostly to our troops at forward operating bases “FOBS” where it is needed most. With our main shipments being Fourth of July and Super Bowl,  we also deliver and serve pizzas to Veterans Facilities across the country.  We first delivered and served Veterans at Heinz VA and Jesse Brown VA in Chicago.  Through donations from individuals and corporations across the country we now serve 7 Veterans Administration facilities in five states including; Illinois, Texas, and Washington D.C. and Wisconsin.

Mission Statement

Pizzas 4 Patriots is a non-profit organization with the mission of making a positive difference in the lives of our service men and women.  Those patriots presently serving and our wounded veterans.  It is our goal to provide our armed forces mainly pizzas but also gifts from home.  Through financial donations from individuals and financial, products and service donations from organizations who want to show appreciation for the troops sacrifice.  These gifts include but are not limited to any item that can bring home to the patriots.  It is our goal to make them feel they are not forgotten but remembered and appreciated by the country and residents who enjoy the freedoms that they provide for us.


Our Goal

Our continued goal is to provide every service member with a slice of home for either 4th of July, Veterans Day and for the Big Game.

Our immediate goal is to provide a slice of home to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, if we are unable to meet this goal, we will send pizzas to veterans in Military and VA hospitals and local facilities as available. 

We need your continued support and donations to continue these efforts.

Want to help us out?

Please see our donations page to find out how!!




The best way to support Pizzas 4 Patriots is with your generous financial contribution by clicking "Donate Now" at https://www.sgtpizza.org/pleasedonate.html

Another way to support our mission is by purchasing unused tickets to events through Tix4Cause at http://www.tix4cause.com/charities/pizzas-4-patriots/ Check it out and be sure to indicate your purchase is supporting Pizzas 4 Patriots.


- Thank you for your Donations -


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